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A Farewell to Great Expectations (5/5)


Ernest Hemmingway (Author of "The Old Man and the Sea") is famous for his short and direct sentences, while Charles Dickens (Author of "A Tale of Two Cities") is famous for his long and complex sentences.
A spring-action mousetrap is a short and direct way of catching mice, while the board game "Mouses Trap" features a long and complex way of catching mice.


  1. Hmm, I was thinking to complicated here. In the "Old Man and the Sea" you have a simple yet moving story of a guy trying to catch a fish. In the simple mousetrap you have a guy trying to catch a mouse. In Tale of Two Cities, you have a deep and broad story of two separate yet joined societies so I was thinking another the answer could have been a mouse colony. . . .

    1. Oooo... I'll definitely give you full marks for creativity and an A for effort. Don't quite think I'd go so far as partial credit on this one, though, as I think you'd need significant stratification and economic disparity in the mouse colony by your logic.